DIY lip scrub with sugar and honey for soft lips

How to make sugar scrub for lips

Taking care of your lips is just as important as any other aspect of personal hygiene and beauty routines. A homemade sugar scrub can help remove dead skin cells, promote smooth, soft lips, and ensure that they are well-primed for…

Cruelty-free makeup brands guide: A comparison of top 10 brands

Which makeup brands are cruelty free

In recent years, the beauty industry has witnessed a significant shift towards cruelty-free products, with consumers increasingly seeking makeup that aligns with ethical practices. Cruelty-free makeup brands, which are characterized by their commitment to not testing on animals at any…

Is translucent powder the same as baking powder? Learn the difference between the two.

Is Translucent Powder the Same as Setting Powder?

When it comes to finalizing a flawless makeup look, the power of powders cannot be underestimated. Among the various options, translucent powder and setting powder often create confusion, leaving many to wonder if they are interchangeable. Although both are staples…